Video – IT Foundations with Curtis Bonk and Guest: Brent Wilson

R511 Instructional Technology Foundations with Curtis Bonk Week 5 R511 Brent Wilson U. of Colorado Denver (1:16:08) From Curtis Bonk on September 21st, 2021 This video is 76:08 minutes in length. Curt Bonk is a Professor at Indiana University and Founder, CourseSharea. He is a former CPA with a doctorate in ed psych from … Continue reading Video – IT Foundations with Curtis Bonk and Guest: Brent Wilson

Sense and Nonsense in HPT

The late Dale Brethower, Ph.D. - A Classic from 2004 We can write and deliver instruction so that 90% of learners master 90% of the material,” asserted National Society for Programmed Instruction (NSPI) members in the early days of programmed instruction. “Nonsense,” said most of the educators and trainers that I talked to. As it … Continue reading Sense and Nonsense in HPT

Bring the Energy to Your Work

What energizes you about your work? I'm an HPT professional that works in leader development. I build in business acumen in leaders. At the opening of seminars, simulations, and other programs, we have the usual introductions. I use this question to get the learners thinking in a new way. Their answers give me insight into … Continue reading Bring the Energy to Your Work

Have You Been UpSold to UpSkilling

I've been thinking about Tom Gilbert's Cult of Behaviors since my first week out of college and in my first job in T&D (L&D) way back in 1979. See my short post 2 days ago - here on this site - on that. The only thing worse - or maybe just equally as bad IMO … Continue reading Have You Been UpSold to UpSkilling

Train as You Train

Glad to be joining HPT Treasures to provide some thoughts as a practitioner with loose ties to the more formal disciplines of HPT. For some initial thoughts, one of the concepts about how to improve performance is that any intervention, training or solution should, not surprisingly, improve performance in the targeted metrics, get the performance/process … Continue reading Train as You Train

Brethower, Behavior, Persons, and Environment

Start the Year with Seven Weeks of Reflection While reflecting on the recent death of Dale Brethower, I was reminded of an article in which Brethower describes seven fundamental concepts and cutting-edge applications. You can find the seven-part article (and the combined version) in the Resources by HPTers on the Dale Brethower Resource page. What … Continue reading Brethower, Behavior, Persons, and Environment