April 2021: Most Popular Downloads and Pages

HPT Treasures is becoming a “go-to” resource to learn about Human Performance Technology. With a catalog of more than six hundred resources that are either stored on the site or linked to another source (such as the videos due to size), you could spend a long time searching for the resources that could have the … Continue reading April 2021: Most Popular Downloads and Pages

Using models? Take a second look!

Recently a few colleagues and I had a short discussion on models covering human performance and on how to improve them. It was an interesting conversation and I decided to make some core ideas available here.We depend on models and we need them in teaching and in consulting.The tricky question is what does it mean … Continue reading Using models? Take a second look!

Reflections of an Old Guy

2021 is my 42nd year in ISD – Instructional Systems Design and PI – Performance Improvement, including but beyond Instruction. I think I’ve learned a lot over these past 4 decades, so much so, that I know that there is so much more that I don’t really know. In reflecting on all of this, I … Continue reading Reflections of an Old Guy

Building a Case for DEI

As a Practitioner in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, there is so much information to read, research, and digest. Putting theory to practice takes time and intentionality. Who made me the authority on DEI? Well, no one but I assure you that I am doing the work to unlearn and learn based on my past experiences. … Continue reading Building a Case for DEI