Is Change Really That Hard?

Jeanne Hites Anderson Early in my instructional design career, I worked for a company that underwent major restructuring.  I approached the change with trepidation because of uncertainty about how we would function. The change affected everything, from colleagues and leadership to processes, strategies, mission and vision. The change brought large and small threats and opportunities, … Continue reading Is Change Really That Hard?

The Practice Dilemma

There is no substitute for practice if you want to impact performance. We all know that practice makes proficient, but we often see practice that doesn’t prepare learners for performance. I call this the practice dilemma. It can be a challenge to get practice right. The rule of effective practice is relatively straightforward: Match practice … Continue reading The Practice Dilemma

Being Self Reflective, Having Crucial Conversations and What the Heck is CRT?

Also, recently, I had a conversation with a person that I truly thought was anti-racism, however, now I feel they are an assimilator.  I felt I was viscerally connected to her.  But why?  Was I trying to assimilate?  I started to have an “inside” crucial conversation with myself.  One might say, how can you do … Continue reading Being Self Reflective, Having Crucial Conversations and What the Heck is CRT?

Back to the Future: Backward Chaining in ISD Isn’t New

Backward Chaining is very much WOINA – What’s Old Is New Again From a Blog Post on my site at: Although few seemed to really practice a performance orientation in Instructional Experience Design & Development, in my experience. The focus on Topics versus Tasks & Outputs in WOINA too. Sadly. I started in ISD … Continue reading Back to the Future: Backward Chaining in ISD Isn’t New

Measure Results – Not Activity

pb-ISD/LXD: Your ultimate measure is back-on-the-job for your Learners & their performance of Tasks to produce Outputs that meet Stakeholder Requirements. If you start & finish your L&D Content w/o ever figuring out what those requirements are and how to impact them - you won't. You measure Activity only if your Results are not what … Continue reading Measure Results – Not Activity

June 2021: Most Popular Downloads and Pages

HPT Treasures is becoming a “go-to” resource to learn about Human Performance Technology. With a catalog of more than six hundred resources that are either stored on the site or linked to another source (such as the videos due to size), you could spend a long time searching for the resources that could have the … Continue reading June 2021: Most Popular Downloads and Pages