I was recently in a conversation about upskilling, and realize that there are a couple of issues at play here. There are organizational issues, and learning issues. Given the timeliness of the topic, it’s worth talking about. So here’s a quick riff on upskilling. First, there’s the issue of the need. As a result of … Continue reading Upskilling

Added: Episodes 36-40 Training Masters Series Videos

George Limin Gu (顾立民), Co-founder, Improvement Consulting (改进咨询), and his team have put together the Training Masters Videos. George Gu interviews talent development and HPT professionals to share insights into our field. We added the the next five interviews, and periodically, we will add more. So far, we have forty posted. New videos Belia Nel … Continue reading Added: Episodes 36-40 Training Masters Series Videos

Treasures of HPT

Hello! It’s nice to meet you. My name’s Elisha James LeBlanc. Since everyone slaughters my first name, feel free to call me EJ. I’m a human performance and learning architect. For the past 20 years or so, I’ve been a trainer, educator, instructional systems designer, multimedia developer, performance analyst, and all kinds of things in … Continue reading Treasures of HPT

September 2021: Most Popular Downloads and Pages

HPT Treasures is becoming a “go-to” resource to learn about Human Performance Technology. With a catalog of more than six hundred resources that are either stored on the site or linked to another source (such as the videos due to size), you could spend a long time searching for the resources that could have the … Continue reading September 2021: Most Popular Downloads and Pages


IRRECONCILABLE THOUGHT Day Too many companies are buying competency models. It's a cottage industry. But, it is also too often done in a vacuum, absent context. And the competencies defined are often too general to be effective predictors of performance. These models are also often implied as the only way to complete a set of … Continue reading COMPETENCY… OR NOT TO COMPETENCY