Presentation: What You Should Know about The Motivation Process


Friday, October 29, 2010, Richard E. Clark presented to an audience at the Association for Educational Communication & Technology (AECT) Convention in Anaheim California. At the conference, Clark represented USC’s Center for Cognitive Technology, part of the Rossier School of education.

Presentation Link

HPT Treasures has a PDF of his presentation entitled, The Surprising Evidence about the Motivational Processes Influencing Cyber-learning.

The Motivation Process

In the presentation, Clark explains the different elements of The Motivation Process.


Sample: Motivation Is Important

Early in the presentation, Clark references research studies that exemplify why motivation is important:

  • 50% of students report that they give only minimum effort
    when studying
  • 84% of students say they could work much harder even
    though most students report that their goal is to succeed
    (Spitzer, 1995).
  • 30% of the variance in learning and 60% of transfer
    attributable to motivation (Colquitt, LePine & Noe, 2000)

For more resources from the Center for Cognitive Technology

Clark and others have several evidence-based publications and manuscripts that can be found at the CCT’s website.

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