On The Shoulders of Giants

Who is the father of HPT

Every now and then I see Thomas Gilbert referenced as the “father of HPT.”  Not sure where that got started.  In 2007 Don Tosti and Roger Kaufman did a Commentary on “Who Is The ‘Real’ Farther of HPT?  I have attached the article here for your consideration and perhaps shed some light on the history of NSPI/ISPI.  Both Tosti and Kaufman attended the first NSPI conference and in their article with respect to Gilbert disagree with this idea.  Tosti and Kaufman “…identify a number of other contributors who were significant and even crucial to the early development and expansion of the technology.” Take a look at the article Real Father of HPT – Kaufman-Tosti and see others that contributed to the early development of HPT and PI.

What other names would you add to the list?



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