Five Instructional Design Principles Worth Revisiting By Brenda Sugrue, PhD, CPT

From 2004…

  • ID Principle 1: Learning is not performance
  • ID Principle 2: The medium is not the method
  • ID Principle 3: Match external and internal conditions
  • ID Principle 4: Authentic practice makes perfect
  • ID Principle 5: One size does not fit all

Get the PDF – here: Five_ID_Principles_final

In 2004…

Brenda Sugrue, PhD, CPT, was Senior Director of Research for the American
Society for Training & Development (ASTD), leading its benchmarking and issuedriven
research on workplace learning and performance. She was a professor of
instructional design and technology at the University of Iowa and is adjunct
faculty on the University of Southern California’s human performance at work
doctoral program. Brenda was on ISPI’s Board of Directors from 2000 to 2002.
She edited the book Performance Interventions: Selecting, Implementing, and
Evaluating the Results, published by ASTD in 1999, and was guest editor for the
August 2002 special issue of Performance Improvement on performance-based
instructional systems design.

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