Whitepaper & Infographic: The State of Virtual Training Update


In 2009, I started a virtual workshop business and discovered that virtual training is hard. Using breakout rooms, preparing attendees, and facilitating while monitoring chats continue to challenge virtual trainers.

Much has changed. Technology has improved, attendees seem more comfortable with classroom technology, and our design principles have matured. However, many things remain the same.

To help us understand how virtual training is evolving, Cindy Huggett has a meta-analysis of the state of training 2019:

This curated summary of key virtual training statistics comes from industry reports plus my own research studies that I conducted in mid-2017 and early 2019. Over 235 global professionals provided insights into their virtual training initiatives.

In the whitepaper, Huggett cites some key 2019 findings and provides a link to the 2017 study.

One insight Huggett offers is the continued need to help professionals manage the change to virtual training:

To help gain this buy-in from participants and other sponsors, we need to take lessons from change management traditions, and transform perceptions about virtual training. It can be successful when proper time and attention is given to its design, delivery, and implementation.



You can access the whitepaper and related infographic: https://www.cindyhuggett.com/blog/2019sovt/

You can find additional resources on Huggett’s website: https://www.cindyhuggett.com/resources/

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