Managing Complex Change

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Managing Complex Change

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Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited with saying, “The only constant is change” around 500 BC. This idea rings true today. I get a close view of the complex change nonprofits face when we do strategic planning together. Managing complex change is inevitable, and it’s something we could all understand a little better.

Here is one framework I first saw during my Leadership Detroit experience. It’s now something I refer to repeatedly when I work on strategic planning and fundraising projects with clients. When you think from a systems perspective, the elements needed to manage complex change make sense. Change doesn’t happen just because someone declares a goal. Change requires:


Any good strategic planning process will address each of these, but implementing each one consistently over time is where things can get tricky. This framework was created and copyrighted by Dr. Mary Lippitt. It shows what it can feel like in an organization when any one of these 5 elements is missing.


See the full article on LinkedIn – here.

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  1. Good citation. I could not get the full article to download.

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  2. Good article. The full text won’t download for me. The graphic is very useful.

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