Article: Chevalier’s Updating the Behavior Engineering Model


The late Roger Chevalier was one of the best-known promoters of HPT. He challenged organizations to train their managers to practice performance consulting and encouraged practitioners to leverage powerful models.

Chevalier may be best known for his promoting Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis, but he also wrote about the Behavior Engineering Model (BEM). In the 2002 article, Chevalier published an updated version of the BEM. He shared the Cause Analysis Worksheet, which is based on the Force Field Analysis.

The second half of the article is a case study that demonstrates how to use the models.


You can download the sixteen-page article from the HPT Treasures website:

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2 thoughts on “Article: Chevalier’s Updating the Behavior Engineering Model

  1. Hi, Gary.

    Thanks for highlighting this work from Roger Chevalier!

    In addition to the other accomplishments you mention, Roger also revised the troubleshooting sequence that appears in Tom Gilbert’s BEM. Chevalier specified investigating skill and knowledge sources of a given performance gap last—after identifying all other potential environmental and individual causes of the gap. Using this sequence can further limit the temptation to overprescribe training solutions.

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  2. Thanks. I wonder of Roger A. compared his approach to Binder’s?

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