Visualization & Talking Points: What Is Performance Improvement?


What does performance improvement really mean?

Many professionals in our field are new and may not understand fully what performance improvement is. Fortunately, several long-standing ISPI members want to change that. Enter Lynn Kearny.

In addition to co-authoring Performance Architecture: The Art and Science of Improving organizations, Kearney is a talented artist. When she applied her artistic skills to addressing this question, Kearney created the What Is Performance Improvement? PDF. This document is Kearney’s approach to answering the PI question.

Along with the graphics, Kearney shares talking points to help you explain what the following mean:

  1. Focus on Results
  2. What Are “Results”?
  3. What Is “Performance”?
  4. There Are Four Levels of Performance
  5. How Can You Improve Performance?
  6. The Performance System
  7. Performance Drivers

At the end of the talking points, Kearney sums up the intent:

Use the graphic and these talking points (adjusted to your own style and your audience) to introduce others to performance improvement – in a way that is easier for both of you. Have fun with it! There is nothing more motivating than to be talking about performance improvement and have other people say, “Oh, I get it!” and start applying the ideas to their own work.


You can find the PDF on the HPT Treasures website:
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