Dick Handshaw Instructional Videos


Dick Hanshaw is more than an entrepreneur, practitioner, and business owner: He is a steward of HPT. Handshaw has authored Training That Delivers Results and co-authored the third edition of the Robinson’s Performance Consulting.

Without charge, Handshaw has presented the Handshaw Instructional Design Model and his company’s methodology to numerous chapters from various associations. He has presented at conferences and facilitated numerous workshops for organizations.

Part of his workshops includes videos that demonstrate parts of his methodology. On his YouTube channel, Handshaw offers 23 instructional videos worth your time.

Although Handshaw has retired, his company continues to prosper and facilitate two to three-day workshops that include additional videos of Handshaw and Dana Robinson modeling the Performance Consulting Process (found in the Performance Consulting book). In the videos, Robinson plays the performance consultant and Handshaw is the client.


To view the videos, access them on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dhandshaw/videos

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