Reflecting on a Measured Results Commitment in Performance Improvement

Results – Not Behavior

I joined NSPI (ISPI now) back in the fall of 1979. Then I joined the national (now international) organization in April of 1980 when I attended the 1980 NSPI Conference in Dallas.

It was very exciting for me, having been exposed to some of the work of Rummler, Gilbert, Mager, and Harless in the prior 8 months … and many, many others, whom I got to meet at that first conference.

Lately I’ve been rummaging through the resources on the Geary A. Rummler website – here.

There are a ton of resources on that site. You should check it out – if only to download everything you can.

And there I came across a 1982 NSPI Journal article with a header reading “the good old days.”


While I like Geary’s phrase, “measured behavior change” I instead adopted Jim McCampbell’s phrase, which I heard him talk about a couple of years later, “Measured Results” better.

Later I tried to incorporate both behavior and results into how I talk about/promote these notions.

I had gotten the message from Tom Gilbert about being wary of the “Cult of Behavior.” See a post I did years ago on that – here.


Access Rummler’s article – here.

Jim McCampbell’s article – for those with access to ISPI’s content at Wiley – here.


My take on what needs to be Measured – both Process & Results – using measures from the Stakeholders:

Performance Competence graphic

With this graphic and wording, I attempted to incorporate the concepts of Competence, Performance, and both Process & Results – and the Stakeholders as the source for all measures.

A combo graphic:


Note the graphic above, and the image on the right hand side, is but one of many examples of a Stakeholder Hierarchy. See a post about that – with 3 examples – here.


How do you and your organization talk about Measured Results?

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One thought on “Reflecting on a Measured Results Commitment in Performance Improvement

  1. Still timely

    Roger Kaufman, Ph.D., CPT, ABPP, Professor Emeritus, Florida State University,

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    I am honored that The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) has created the Roger Kaufman Award for the continual achievement of measurable positive societal impact by an individual or organization”.

    Please see any of my 41 books on


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