Article: How to Keep Your Team Motivated, Remotely (McGregor & Doshi)


With the spreading of COVID-19, there seems to be a scramble to transition work from being in-person to being remote. Organizations like TIAA that had ended their remote working program revamped their technology systems to support working from home.

With the remote work transition, I’ve seen a few blogs that address remote working motivation and managing remote teams. Recently, I even published a blog designed to help managers with the transition.

The question some may have is: How motivated are employees who work remotely compared to employees who work in-person?

Lindsay McGregor and Nell Doshi, authors of Primed to Perform, answer this question in their Harvard Business Review (HBR) article.

When we measured the total motivation of people who worked from home versus the office, we found that working from home was less motivating.

Even worse, when people had no choice in where they worked, the differences were enormous. Total motivation dropped 17 points, the equivalent of moving from one of the best to one of the most miserable cultures in their industries.

The remainder of the article discusses what you can do to improve motivation.


You can access the article through the Harvard Business Review:

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