A Column Post about Geary Rummler, The Performance Architect’s Architect


Roger Addison and Carol Haig have a long relationship with BPTrends and shared their knowledge and expertise through their column. This post is no exception but is exceptional, especially if you are unfamiliar with the work of Geary Rummler.

Their post is entitled, Performance Architecture: Where Geary Rummler’s Work and Business Process Intersect.

Here’s how they organized their post:

  1. Who was Geary Rummler?
  2. The performance architect’s architect
  3. Geary on needs analysis
  4. The Human Performance System (HPS) Model
  5. The Anatomy of Performance
  6. Geary and Six Sigma
  7. Time stamps for Geary’s work
  8. Your turn to reflect
  9. Summary
  10. Resources

With #8, Addison and Haig invite you to reflect upon Rummler’s ideas and models. After thinking about their questions, why not share? At the bottom of the post, BPTrends enable you to speak your mind. Why not use this as an opportunity for others to learn from your insights about Rummler’s multiple contributions to our field. I just posted my comment. Check it out and add to it!


You can find Addison and Haig’s article on the BPTrends website: https://www.bptrends.com/performance-architecture-where-geary-rummlers-work-and-business-process-intersect

One more thing

If you want to print a copy, look for the link to download the PDF.

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