Trendspotters: Klaus Wittkuhn and the Optimizing Use of Resources Model


HPT Treasures has the collection of Carol Haig and Roger Addison’s TrendSpotters column that appeared in PerformanceXpress, the online newsletter of the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Each post features an HPT practitioner’s performance-improvement model or tool that readers could adapt for their work. One model that HPT Treasure viewers have accessed is the Optimizing Use of Resources Model, which Klaus Wittkuhn shared with Haig and Addison. This is a model and a tool that you can use to prioritize budget allocation.

For budget discussions, managers requesting funds have to connect their request to either the organization’s strategic objectives (the horizontal axis on the model) or to other benefits to be realized by the organization (the vertical axis). Doing so forces budgeters to determine the value of their request in relation to what others request.

Wittkuhn found that this makes the budgeting process more transparent and less adversarial. He has shared the model with clients who have had favorable results.


You can read about the Optimizing Use of Resources Model on HPT Treasures as well as access a PowerPoint of the model

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One thought on “Trendspotters: Klaus Wittkuhn and the Optimizing Use of Resources Model

  1. Thanks.

    Klaus’s presentation in Asia—I think it in Shanghai (or Singapore?) was exceptional if you can get a copy from him.

    I am cc’ing Klaus in case he can get it to you for possible posting.


    From my iPhone
    Roger Kaufman.PhD
    Professor Emeritus, Florida State University
    850 386 6621



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