How to Look Good on Virtual Calls

Image by Jagrit Parajuli

At the risk of emphasizing surface features way too much, you’ll find links in this post to two short videos, a Twitter feed, and a blog post. Why share these? To help you feel great when you’re on Zoom (etc.) calls.

Here’s why: because, unless you have mastered this already, you will look better (plus, feel more confident & hence, have better meetings unhindered by wondering if you couldn’t be doing something better with your lighting, etc).

Why did I choose this topic? Because a) I have trouble lighting my space when I’m online and b) because some of my colleagues are accidentally not showing themselves in their own best light (or camera angles), which can be distracting.

So, if you want to fix this issue for yourself, here’s what you can learn from Gia Goodrich (photographer, educator) and Angie (anti-aging, beauty, style, & health video blogger). Some of their topics:

  • Light that flatters (rather than flattens, or worse)
  • Camera angles that make you look your best (possibly with fewer chins)
  • Eliminating distractions for a better meeting (background noise, clutter)
  • Where to look (not staring at the box with the person’s picture in it)
  • What to wear (at least on top)

For more fun with backgrounds, check out Room Rater on Twitter. After the pandemic necessitated that so many people Zoom or otherwise call in from home, Claude Taylor and Jessie Bahrey started rating the backgrounds of various famous people. They started out doing this for fun, and now they have criteria (from 1/10 to 10/10). You can find their criteria and tips that they shared just before judging rooms for the Emmys this year.

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