SELF CARE FOLKS! All the way!

5 steps to self-care for parents in the New Year - WHYY

I recently talked with a very dear friend of mine, who is a retail consultant for a highly known and very upscale store.  She is absolutely one of the most gorgeous and stately women I know.  After chatting with her briefly and asking her how she was doing during this pandemic, she stated, “ I fine, I’m doing just fine.  The store has all of us working from home and I’ve made a lot of sales online.  However, I’ve had to learn how to use a new software on my computer and I’m not computer savvy, but I have done a great job”. Her next sentence threw me off balance –“ BUT, I’ve been furloughed as of today, AND, we will not be able to get any income from the store.  They have told us that we can use our PTO to cover any income, but after that we are on our own”.

As I begin to tell her how bad I felt for her, she stopped me.  Her next words were, I’ve have taken care of myself over the years.  I was a single parent raising a child, so I was frugal many times and knew how to “sock away” money, even though I love the finer things in life.  She went on to tell me that she learned how to manage her money and buy stock through a master class she took.  She has been moving around her money during the coronavirus pandemic to make sure that everything has not been lost. She also has one of the best gardens and she grows tomatoes, blueberries, squash and collard greens.

You might say, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH SELF CARE?  This is a part of SELF CARE!  She’s fine and she says she’s not stressed out the least bit.  I know that many of you cannot do what my friend has done for herself, but here are ten tips for you:

  1. Wash your hands often (at least for 20 seconds).  I was told by an infection control nurse to sing two verses of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  2. Listen to the CDC reports and reports that are factual and given by research scientist and Dr. Fauci
  3. Stop listening to the scams about cures for COVID-19
  4. Turn off the TV after you listen to a few reports of the COVID-19 results.  THEY can ‘scare the pants off ‘off you!
  5. Binge watch your favorite movies – I love “Back to the Future” and can almost say every word in the script
  6. Dance like nobody is watching OR NOT!  Learn a new dance with your family or by yourself if you are single.  It’s okay to ROCK IT!
  7. Learn a new hobby.  I bought a book entitled:  Aromatherapy.  I have several oils and scents and I’m learning how to make fragrant oils and soaps.  Just buy a basic bar of soap such as IVORY
  8. Pay it forward!  If you have the money, purchase something for someone via online.  I was at SAM’S and couldn’t find any tissue and a man that looked like Santa Claus offered to give me his 18 rolls of toilet tissue and insisted that he pay for it!  WOW! Yes, we were six feet apart!
  9. Practice, practice and practice SOCIAL DISTANCING!
  10. Call your loved ones and friends to see how they are doing, most of all stay SAFE and give yourself a hug!

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