March 2021: Most Popular Downloads and Pages

HPT Treasures is becoming a “go-to” resource to learn about Human Performance Technology. With a catalog of more than six hundred resources that are either stored on the site or linked to another source (such as the videos due to size), you could spend a long time searching for the resources that could have the most value for you. With that in mind, you might wonder what people are downloading and viewing.

For March 2021, we had the following stats:

  • 1,950 page views (excludes downloads)
  • 1,208 visitors from 73 countries
  • 2,345 resource downloads
  • 30 posts published

Top Five Downloads

Number 1: Feedback and Performance
Donald T. Tosti, CPT, PhD

Number 2: Fifteen Common but Questionable Principles of Multimedia Learning
Richard E. Clark, David F. Feldon, and Soojeong Jeong

Number 3: The Effects of Incentives on Workplace Performance
Steven Condly, Richard E. Clark, and Harold Stolovitch

Number 4: What Evidence Would Change Your Mind About the Learning Benefits of Serious Games?
Richard E. Clark

Number 5: Richard E. Clark Full Resume

Top Five Page Views

Number 1: “Jump” Past ADDIE with LeaPs

Number 2: “Fast Fixes”​ for Workforce Performance Problems

Number 3:  ID vs ISD vs LXD

Number 4:  The Red Herring of Soft Skills vs Hard Skills

Number 5: What Is Performance Architecture?

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