The Difference Between Subject Matter Driven Training and Performance Based Training

According to Rummler 1981

RIP – Geary A. Rummler – April 16, 1937 – October 29, 2008

performance-based Training

is a is a data-driven system and where I think it’s most significant difference from traditional training is that the training group doesn’t sit on its butt, waiting for someone to tell them what to train number one.

Two, you don’t find training needs by looking through management journals and saying gee, sounds to me, you know, this delegating controlling monitoring stuff is groovy subject matter, this is what these folks need. 

It comes from something quite different in terms of reading where the organization is going and in many cases leading the organization about what it needs in order to be effective.

So I think the fundamental there is, is that’s data based, and it really makes a difference in how you tend to operate.

There are really two significantly different alternative approaches to training and that has to do with what you view your mission to be and there are I’m sure compromises between this, I’ve taken the extreme.

But one is to say we’re in a business of employees trained, and we produce folks that can do things at the end of our training they couldn’t do before.

Rummler on Video





RIP Geary.


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