The Science Behind Procrastination

Image Credit: Franz Bachinger

It’s possible that all of us have experienced the desire to put things off at least once or twice. Dr. Piers Steel wrote a helpful book on procrastination that is well worth the read. He came to our ISPI Conference in New York in 2008 to talk with us about motivation and its potential nemesis (procrastination). His content was evidence-based (he’s a leader in research in this area), and his talk was smart and even funny at times. Dusty, boring professor he is not.

Scott Young interviewed Piers recently for his podcast. In addition to a recording of their conversation, Scott also posted a transcript of some highlights from the interview. I don’t know about you, but with so much working at home and so little going out to do things, it seems like procrastination wants to visit more often than usual. Take heart, though, there are ways to cope.

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