What the film Hidden Figures and Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts can teach Leaders about Leadership

I recently watched the movie, Hidden Figures, and to say it was awesome would indeed be downplaying the film. It was so much more! The cast was incredible and extraordinaire. Oscars please!

You might ask how does this relate to Choi Kwan Do and Leadership? Let’s take a look!  I recently considered enrolling in Choi Kwang Do which is a martial art that has an in­ternational supportive family system whose primary prin­ciple is to affirm each other in one common goal: to live a more productive, healthier, longer life.  The other principles of Choi Kwan Do are:

·        Humility (Gyum-soan)

·        Integrity (Jung-jik)

·        Gentleness (On-yu)

·        Perseverance (In-nae)

·        Self-Control (Guk-kee)

·        Unbreakable Spirit (Bool-gool)

From the film, Hidden Figures, I would add fierceness and boldness as two other leadership principles. Fierceness and boldness breaks through all the ‘fluff and stuff” and make it REAL!

 I once heard, Fierceness is mama bear’s energy. It’s taking the sharpened spear and using it to ward off whatever danger threatens our territory, our team. As leaders, when we put on our fierceness we’re choosing fighting words. We’re doing whatever it takes to close the deal. We’re toe to toe with the toughest competition, and we’re exerting every bit of strength in order to pull ahead. We are looking out for our team! These women were certainly fierce!

The ladies that portrayed the Mathematicians in this film projected all of these principles—principles of leadership. 

In this case scenario (Hidden Figures), it started from within – being a self-leader. Self-leadership is the process by which you influence yourself to achieve your objectives. This is indeed where all leadership should start.

Next, they started with fierceness and boldness — these individuals applied for the NASA program, not as clerical personnel, but as African American female mathematicians in a white male-dominated organization. There were so many instances when they had to show humility, self-control and integrity. Personal humility blended with intense personal will—Wow!

Perseverance and their unbreakable spirit were also  at the forefront of their becoming the best they were in their areas of expertise—so much so that the astronauts asked for them personally before they made any NASA trips. There was even an instance when gentleness was displayed to a female that managed administrative personnel, even when it was not deserved, but because of so many unbreakable spirits throughout the film, it ceased to amaze me what these women could do–and did do!

As a leader, I am reminded that these are the essential ingredients to be cogitated to take our companies to higher levels and to greatness.

Dr. Sandra-Louise Wright

Remember, Success is Your Destiny! Check out her blog with the same name – successisyourdestiny.blogspot.com

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