What Makes People Perform Well?

What Makes People Perform Well?

Is it something set in stone that makes people perform well as employees?  Is there a balance between performing positively and performing poorly?  Are there enough incentives?  Are the incentives being used?  Is there a need for incentives?  What kind of incentives?  These are all questions that might be asked as we ponder the motivation of incentives.

It would be great to complete a survey to ask the people we are managing –what about incentives?  What type of incentives work best?  If responsibilities are defined clearly and consistently, performers may find it more pleasant and rewarding and measured for success.  The need for supervision can be lessened if management lays out plans for performers accomplishments and standards.  When this is done, incentives can become available.  Punishment forms would no longer be needed or wanted.

What are your thoughts?

One thought on “What Makes People Perform Well?

  1. Elsewhere on our site, we have the following on Motivation from Richard E. Clark, Ed.D. (Dick Clark):

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    See all of those, and more, here:

    Richard E. Clark Resources


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