Five Episodes Added: Training Masters Series Videos

George Limin Gu (顾立民), Co-founder, Improvement Consulting (改进咨询), and his team have put together the Training Masters Videos. George Gu interviews talent development and HPT professionals to share insights into our field.

We added the the next five interviews, and periodically, we will add more. So far, we have 25 posted.

New videos

  1. Judy Hale 朱迪·赫尔
  2. James Klein 詹姆斯·克莱恩
  3. Jack Phillips 杰克·菲利普斯
  4. Ronald Jacobs 罗纳德-雅各布斯
  5. Jeanne Anderson 基尼Ÿ·安德森


You can find the videos on the top navigation: Training Masters Series Videos – HPT Treasures – for Evidence Based Performance Improvement.

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