Reflections of an Old Guy

2021 is my 42nd year in ISD – Instructional Systems Design and PI – Performance Improvement, including but beyond Instruction.

I think I’ve learned a lot over these past 4 decades, so much so, that I know that there is so much more that I don’t really know. In reflecting on all of this, I often think back to some of the foundational elements of my own philosophies, processes, and practices – and where they came from.

In this Sunday Series for 2021 on HPT Treasures, I will share some of what I’ve learned from others along my journey via a quote. But note, these are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of what I’ve learned, internalized, and perhaps extended during my career from these individuals.

And please “search” for additional gems and resources from this individual – as I am sure that you will benefit greatly from what they have left in their career’s wake. Start – here.

NSPI and ISPI are my professional home. IMO, you need a professional home and/or network where the members are all about Evidence-Based Practices – otherwise, they won’t average you up, they will average you down – leading to a need for recovery from the hole you’ll find yourself in.

Carry on.


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