Roger Kaufman and The Prince

A Fable about the Prince called Education

In three pages, Roger Kaufman comments about education through a fable. The story begins with this:

Once upon a time, in a strange and wonderful land called America, there lived a Prince who was handsome. He was also ugly. His name was “Education,” and he lived in every town, hamlet, ghetto, and city in this prosperous and depressed land. He was loved and hated by all who knew him. He was also loved and hated by all who didn’t know him.

Roger Kaufman

The full title is, “The Prince and the Faceless, Nameless Child.” The story appeared in the Winter of 1977 issue of AV Communication Review (the PDF link below includes the citation).


You can find this story on Roger Kaufman’s resource page in HPT Treasures, or you can access it directly:

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