HPTers Interviewed on the ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

At the beginning of 2021, Jack Nestell and Jonathan Donald have hosted several episodes of the ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast. Over the months, they have interviewed several HPTers we have mentioned on the HPT Treasures website.

We will draw on the knowledge from extensive research, collaborative learning, and practitioner expertise, as well as experiences of project successes and failures.

The general review and theme of ERP and organizational change literature and research suggest that understanding and awareness of these tactical approaches founded in principle is fundamental to ERP organizational change success.

So, we will attempt to provide insight in discussing these tactics, approaches, and principles, so that they may prove useful in addressing ERP organizational change success.

From the ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast webpage

Here’s the list (so far):

Image of Tim Brock

Tim Brock

Episode 37: Learning and Development (L&D) and human performance technology (HPT) and its Return on Investment

Image of Guy Wallace

Guy Wallace

Episode 30: Evidence-Based Performance Improvement

Ed Muzio

Episode 29: Iterative Management

Alexander Salas

Episode 22: Effective Principle Based Learning

Image of Gary DePaul

Gary DePaul

Episode 10: Leadership: Myths, Behaviors, and Practice

Image of Richard Clark

Richard E. Clark

Episode 2: Organizational Performance Improvement

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