Have You Been UpSold to UpSkilling

I’ve been thinking about Tom Gilbert’s Cult of Behaviors since my first week out of college and in my first job in T&D (L&D) way back in 1979. See my short post 2 days ago – here on this site – on that.

The only thing worse – or maybe just equally as bad IMO – is the Cult of Topics.

Topics covered in T&D/L&D that never “go that last mile” in exactly HOW TO APPLY and then provide enough Practice with Feedback to create initial memorization and/or honed skills.

My friend David James has an article published in Forbes last May that addresses this:

The No. 1 Reason Corporate Learning Is Failing To Bridge The Skills Gap (And What To Do Instead)

According to McKinsey, “as many as 375 million workers globally might have to change occupations in the next decade to meet companies’ needs.” That’s a huge number of people who will need to re-skill in order to remain relevant and employable. At the same time, as of 2020, “nearly nine in ten executives and managers say their organizations either face skill gaps already or expect to within the next five years.” All of a sudden, that future seems imminent.

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For the rest of David’s article please go – here.

And see the L&D Pivot to Performance Virtual Series that David and I did this past fall – with the 7 videos with 6 leaders and practitioners in L&D who have made the pivot. All 7 videos are on YouTube and free to view.


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