Creating an Innovation Organization

If I'm positing that L&D should be leading innovation, aka informal learning, we need to look at the necessary elements from an evidence-based perspective. That includes practices, but it also includes the beliefs and attitudes towards learning. So one of the important steps is having a good definition and way to assess status. That's what … Continue reading Creating an Innovation Organization

Getting social around informal

If we’re looking at informal learning, as I’m focusing on, we need to look at two types of learning. There’s individual informal learning, and then there’s collective informal learning. For the latter, there are some important distinctions about what helps and what hinders. Let’s look at those factors.  I’ve written about social learning before, an … Continue reading Getting social around informal

Evidence-Based L&D

In my focus on the informal side of learning, last time I talked about how L&D can get started. This time, I want to talk about creating good policies and practices. This includes both the cognitive and learning sciences. It also includes being resistant to unjustified hype, leery of existing practices on a purely legacy … Continue reading Evidence-Based L&D

Where to start innovating?

If Learning & Development is to be the standard carrier for informal learning, as I argued in my last post, there has to be a start. The opportunity, of course, is to be contributing more strategically to the organization. And I’ve previously made the case for where L&D revolutionaries should start. However, it’s worth revisiting … Continue reading Where to start innovating?

Why informal learning?

I’m Clark Quinn of Quinnovation, a new HPT Treasures blogger, and was struggling to get my mind around what to write. So, I revisited the ‘acceptance’ letter, and saw Guy had said:  I am looking to increase … the diversity of HPT Practices covered …anything that improves the performance of the worker, workflow, workplace, and … Continue reading Why informal learning?