Training Not Working? Check This! (One in a Series)

I’m often asked to review training that is failing. One of the areas I examine is the instructional strategy for presenting content. A common design flaw is to present content in the form of a process or a procedure, ignoring the instruction learners need to develop underlying knowledge and skills. Why is this approach so … Continue reading Training Not Working? Check This! (One in a Series)

The Curriculum “What” Questions

Curriculum designers must be adept at answering the “What?” questions: What’s in the curriculum? What’s out? A curriculum is more complex than an individual course because of the important and complex relationships among enabling and terminal performances. Design teams need to understand and respect these relationships to use instructional time and effort effectively. A little … Continue reading The Curriculum “What” Questions

The Curriculum and the “Field Replaceable Unit”

I was working on a project with Apple Service Technicians when I was introduced to the concept of FRUs, or Field Replaceable Units. These are components in computers or other electrical devices that can be pulled out as units and replaced, either by the customer or by trained technicians, when they fail. The beauty of … Continue reading The Curriculum and the “Field Replaceable Unit”

Do You Eat Your Own Dog Food?

“Dogfooding” is a concept from the product development community that refers to an organization using its own product to test it. This is a way of seeing how products work in real-world situations, developing empathy for the user experience, and working out bugs.

“Everything You Do Is An Intervention”

Consulting is a platform for delivering services. It's not enough to be technically proficient. You need to be fluent in consulting skills.

What Did You Unlearn This Year?

Unlearning is a key component of learning. We need to move away from what we already know before adding something new, especially when we need to achieve transformative change.

Learning and Performance Improvement Professionals as First Responders

When organizations around the world shut down to defeat the spread of COVID-19, organizations turned to the teams who had the capacity to support remote workers and remote work. These professionals pivoted in many different ways to continue to support organizational performance. Some of the most visible activities included moving critical instructor-led training to virtual … Continue reading Learning and Performance Improvement Professionals as First Responders