Part 2: Equity

Equity... As a mother of four beautiful children, I am now painfully aware of the importance regarding equity. Previously, my focus was treating each child equally to ensure fairness. After a while, I realized that treating each child equally and providing them all with equal resources was not enough. How could that be? How is … Continue reading Part 2: Equity

Building a Case for DEI

As a Practitioner in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, there is so much information to read, research, and digest. Putting theory to practice takes time and intentionality. Who made me the authority on DEI? Well, no one but I assure you that I am doing the work to unlearn and learn based on my past experiences. … Continue reading Building a Case for DEI

Hello World!

On of my favorite pictures! Hello world!! I'm probably one of the most extroverted introverts around! When an organization and/or learner (yes, we are all learners) reaches their goal and an feeling of enlightenment transcends their self-doubt, I am fulfilled. The picture above represents my focus on collaboration and inclusion- it's important to me! My … Continue reading Hello World!