Add Some Thiagi to Your Session

Image Credit: makieni777 Thiagi (Dr. Sivasailam Thiagarajan) is famous for, among other amazing things, designing training games and for showing the rest of us how we might use them. Want to add more engagement & fun to your meetings or training sessions? It turns out that there’s a lovely archive of descriptions and instructions for … Continue reading Add Some Thiagi to Your Session

The Science Behind Procrastination

Image Credit: Franz Bachinger It's possible that all of us have experienced the desire to put things off at least once or twice. Dr. Piers Steel wrote a helpful book on procrastination that is well worth the read. He came to our ISPI Conference in New York in 2008 to talk with us about motivation … Continue reading The Science Behind Procrastination

Writing the Perfect Hook

Image Credit: StockSnap Stolovitch & Keeps (2011), in Telling Ain’t Training, provide an extremely helpful, five-step model for creating lessons that works for just about any training program. One of the five essential steps is to provide a rationale, or a what’s in it for me, for the learners. Over the years, in reviewing hundreds … Continue reading Writing the Perfect Hook

How to Create a Self-Paced Classroom

Image from the Post At the website for the Cult of Pedagogy, there are many interesting posts, mostly, as you'd expect, about teaching children. However, university profs, training professionals, and, of course, their learners could benefit from some of their ideas. More specifically, if you are tired of trying to teach (pretty much any) group … Continue reading How to Create a Self-Paced Classroom

Perfectionist That Writing?

Maybe Not Gerd Altmann If you occasionally agonize over your writing, never fear. After being asked, many times, “How do you know when you’re done editing?” Stefanie Flaxman, of Copyblogger, offers helpful advice in When Are You Done Editing? A 5-Point Blueprint for (Recovering) Perfectionists. First, in the absence of the possibility of perfection, she … Continue reading Perfectionist That Writing?

How to Look Good on Virtual Calls

Image by Jagrit Parajuli At the risk of emphasizing surface features way too much, you'll find links in this post to two short videos, a Twitter feed, and a blog post. Why share these? To help you feel great when you’re on Zoom (etc.) calls. Here's why: because, unless you have mastered this already, you … Continue reading How to Look Good on Virtual Calls

This Is the Most Fun Way to Make Your Life Awesome(Pandemic Edition)

Image Credit: Gerd Altmann Eric Barker searches for research that sheds light on how to be happy, successful, and positive. If you’re feeling cynical, this can be a little annoying. However, he backs up every suggestion with evidence. Plus, he finds interesting anecdotes to illustrate his points. And, he generally translates his discoveries from research … Continue reading This Is the Most Fun Way to Make Your Life Awesome(Pandemic Edition)