Design for Diversity: Analysis

All too often, students from various cultures (both within a nation or from other nations) are receiving instruction that is developed and delivered by designers or trainers without sufficient awareness of critical cultural traits and their effects on the design or delivery.

Does Diversity Training Work?

Jeanne Hites Anderson Diversity training began in the 1950s or even earlier in US corporations, but after all this time, we are still not where we should be in terms of equity and inclusion. Repeated incidents of racial, ethnic and gender discrimination and violence have led to many articles claiming that diversity training has failed. … Continue reading Does Diversity Training Work?

Difficult Conversations

Jeanne Hites Anderson Designing and implementing successful interventions in businesses or volunteer organizations sometimes involves fraught and stressful discussions. Have you ever sat in a meeting when someone takes issue with your recommendations? I would guess that most of us have had that experience at one time or another. How do we respond effectively without … Continue reading Difficult Conversations

Negotiation at work

Jeanne Hites Anderson This past year with all its crises has provided many opportunities for formal and informal negotiation in many aspects of life and work. For instance, families, businesses, schools and communities all needed to negotiate changes in their operations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic lock downs. Families needed to sort out … Continue reading Negotiation at work

Resistance to Change: What Now?

Jeanne Hites Anderson When community or organizational change causes denial and resistance, it can hamper the success of a project. In my experience, finding out about the causes of resistance can provide a change team with valuable information, but it requires empathy, patience and listening skills (Anderson & Pyle, 2020). Change usually follows a predictable … Continue reading Resistance to Change: What Now?

Dream Teams Don’t Just Happen

Jeanne L. Hites Anderson If you are involved with health care, education, research, industry, non-profits or community change initiatives, you probably work on a team, at least part of the time. But teams do not always function optimally. For instance, health care professionals that work on teams can provide more effective care than if they … Continue reading Dream Teams Don’t Just Happen