Attitudes in designing change interventions

In my experience, team member attitudes make a big difference the success of a project. Picture this: you and a team of your colleagues have been assigned to design interventions for an organization that has gone through a merger and needs to redefine their identity, processes, and relationships. You have studied the numbers, the previous … Continue reading Attitudes in designing change interventions

Returning to the office: the employee experience

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, many workers worked from home. As a result of this and other pandemic-related issues, businesses started to experience turnover (the great resignation) or productivity slowdowns (the quiet quit) when people were required to return to the office. According to PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey of 52,000 people in 44 … Continue reading Returning to the office: the employee experience

Back to the office: Relationships and productivity

Work relationships are key factors in a productive workplace. I once managed two teams of instructional designers working on online learning projects with short deadlines. I asked each team leader to spend their first meeting getting to know each other and creating a team charter describing their goal and each member’s role. This is a … Continue reading Back to the office: Relationships and productivity

Facilitation of Training

If you really love to talk, training might not be the job for you because training is less about presenting information and more about facilitation; actively helping others “acquire, retain and apply knowledge and skills” ( As Stolovich and Keeps said, “Telling ain’t Training” (2011). Yes, trainers may provide short presentations, but whether training is … Continue reading Facilitation of Training

Facilitation in HPT

Recently someone asked me “What does effective facilitation look like and how do you know?” In the field of Human Performance Technology, we use facilitation for many purposes such as team meetings, data collection for analysis or evaluation, and of course for conducting training and other interventions. The question about facilitation intrigued me, so here … Continue reading Facilitation in HPT

Empathy and Performance Technology

I have seen several articles on my newsfeeds lately about empathy and emotional intelligence in the workplace. Empathy allows us to build connections with others. By understanding what people are thinking and feeling, we can respond appropriately. Developing rapport and empathy between work colleagues makes work life more productive and pleasant. But what place does … Continue reading Empathy and Performance Technology

Work Productivity for New Performance Technologists

Note: This blog was written especially for those new to the field. As performance technologists, we spend much of our time working to improve the performance of other people, but what about us? What do we do to make or keep our own work productivity top notch? There are many possible approaches we can take … Continue reading Work Productivity for New Performance Technologists