The Dark Side of Corporate Culture

“Cultural fit” is used as a filter for hiring and often an excuse for firing. Cultural fit is also a synonym for, “We like him.” I do need to clarify that I am not rejecting the notion that companies have a specific culture. They do. And I am not objecting to a company’s leaders asserting their vision of a set of values and attitudes that define how the firm operates. I am objecting to culture as a barrier to actual diversity—an excuse to reject difference as a means to maintain comfortable ways of looking at things. I am also objecting to the hypocrisy of espousing a value of diversity but then condemning those who don’t fit into the “company way” culture.

8 Tips for Leadership Development

I have written before that many leadership development programs are a waste of time and money. Not because they lack good and positive motives. To the contrary. It is usually because they lack definition, commitment at the top, supportive policies, effective and trained followers, or even opportunities for those developed to lead… There are a myriad of reasons leadership development fails. So, if you are going to do it, if you are going to invest time, sweat, money, and productivity toward this often perilous endeavor, then here are eight tips that will increase your likelihood of success.

The Context of Leadership

The old puzzler goes like this: “You go into the darkened room. The person’s hands reach over the guardrail, longing for some form of contact. Whimpers turn into racking sobs. Drool dripping down from the lips. You look down and see the shriveled, bare skin of the patient’s head. You smell the icky waft of … Continue reading The Context of Leadership

Head of a Moor: The Effect Context Has On Meaning

I’ve been writing a lot about the way context and one’s perspective of context affect how we make meaning of the world around us. The impact to training and development is explicitly tied to how we interpret the content of a program via the activities that facilitate us toward some pre-determined objective. As an instructional … Continue reading Head of a Moor: The Effect Context Has On Meaning