Presentation Skills for Learning Professionals

You are a learning professional in your company.  No one knows your skill set, job or processes better than you.  Now your boss or the Learning and Development (L&D) department has asked you to give a presentation to business partners.  You think to yourself “meh, piece of cake! I just tell people how things work and that should do it.” Think again...

Do You Eat Your Own Dog Food?

“Dogfooding” is a concept from the product development community that refers to an organization using its own product to test it. This is a way of seeing how products work in real-world situations, developing empathy for the user experience, and working out bugs.

“Everything You Do Is An Intervention”

Consulting is a platform for delivering services. It's not enough to be technically proficient. You need to be fluent in consulting skills.

The Dark Side of Corporate Culture

“Cultural fit” is used as a filter for hiring and often an excuse for firing. Cultural fit is also a synonym for, “We like him.” I do need to clarify that I am not rejecting the notion that companies have a specific culture. They do. And I am not objecting to a company’s leaders asserting their vision of a set of values and attitudes that define how the firm operates. I am objecting to culture as a barrier to actual diversity—an excuse to reject difference as a means to maintain comfortable ways of looking at things. I am also objecting to the hypocrisy of espousing a value of diversity but then condemning those who don’t fit into the “company way” culture.

What Did You Unlearn This Year?

Unlearning is a key component of learning. We need to move away from what we already know before adding something new, especially when we need to achieve transformative change.

Outsourcing: Are You Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater?

The Gig Economy continues to grow. More learning and performance improvement efforts are being outsourced as freelance and contract-based work. The competition to gain these contracts is fierce, so some organizations are treating solutions as commodities and selecting vendors based on price, rather than demonstrated quality. To be completely transparent, as a self-employed professional, I … Continue reading Outsourcing: Are You Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater?