Design for Diversity: Analysis

All too often, students from various cultures (both within a nation or from other nations) are receiving instruction that is developed and delivered by designers or trainers without sufficient awareness of critical cultural traits and their effects on the design or delivery.

The Dark Side of Corporate Culture

“Cultural fit” is used as a filter for hiring and often an excuse for firing. Cultural fit is also a synonym for, “We like him.” I do need to clarify that I am not rejecting the notion that companies have a specific culture. They do. And I am not objecting to a company’s leaders asserting their vision of a set of values and attitudes that define how the firm operates. I am objecting to culture as a barrier to actual diversity—an excuse to reject difference as a means to maintain comfortable ways of looking at things. I am also objecting to the hypocrisy of espousing a value of diversity but then condemning those who don’t fit into the “company way” culture.

Design Thinking and Performance Improvement

Copyright holder: Interaction Design Foundation. Copyright terms and license: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Design Thinking is getting a lot of attention in a variety of disciplines. What is the relationship between Design Thinking and Performance Improvement? It's a very appealing addition to our set of interdisciplinary tools. My attraction to the concept of design thinking is … Continue reading Design Thinking and Performance Improvement

Bias and Reflective Facilitation

Jeanne Hites Anderson In view of the recent demonstrations and counter demonstrations around racism and police brutality, it seems that systematic racism and unconscious bias continue to be a part of our communities and working lives. This is in spite of workplace diversity and inclusion training offered for over thirty years. I suspect the problem … Continue reading Bias and Reflective Facilitation

Performance Improvement’s Role in Inclusion

Inclusion is a hot topic in contemporary organizations. Why? Organizations enhance their business value and profits when they send the right messages to audiences and embrace all of the ways in which people differ. A series of McKinsey reports show that diversity increases creativity and innovation, promotes high quality decisions, and enhances economic growth. Paula … Continue reading Performance Improvement’s Role in Inclusion