Social vs Informal

In a recent Learning Development Accelerator (LDA) You Oughta Know (YOK) conversation, Jos Arets of Tulser talked about informal and social learning, and had them differentiated. I’ve been talking informal learning here, as a (underdiscussed, I claim) aspect of HPT. While I’ve implicitly included social learning, I haven’t really distinguished them. So I think it’s … Continue reading Social vs Informal

From Informal to Formal

One of the important things about informal learning is that the learnings can and should be shared. More importantly, they should form the backbone of new practices and processes. As Garvin, Edmondson, & Gino documented about learning organizations, there should be experimentation, evaluation, and these should be come concrete. Since I’ve been writing about informal learning, … Continue reading From Informal to Formal

How do you know?

Recently, a couple of things have happened that indicate that perhaps it’s time to think a wee bit about claims. Twice in the past few months, I’ve been asked about what I thought of an assessment. Then I was also provided access to some claims about an approach to learning. A couple of these fall … Continue reading How do you know?

Informal Learning Technology

I've been talking about the informal side of learning. We know that digital technology can be used to augment our learning.An open question is what digital support can and should be used to support success when we go beyond the course. It is all part of a performance ecosystem, and so we should look not only … Continue reading Informal Learning Technology

There’s informal and then there’s informal

I was recently asked about 70:20:10 when I was talking about informal. I realized that while there’s some overlap, there’s also something else. So, being a pedant on terminology, er, emphasizing the importance of conceptual clarity, here’s where I say that there’s informal and then there’s informal. First, I’m a fan of 70:20:10. I do … Continue reading There’s informal and then there’s informal


As I mentioned in a previous post on creating innovation, I believe experimentation is key. Of course, not just any mucking about, so we have to be careful to define what we mean. So here’re some brief thoughts on the importance and practice of experimentation. To start, we need to recognize that we can’t know … Continue reading Experimentation


I was recently in a conversation about upskilling, and realize that there are a couple of issues at play here. There are organizational issues, and learning issues. Given the timeliness of the topic, it’s worth talking about. So here’s a quick riff on upskilling. First, there’s the issue of the need. As a result of … Continue reading Upskilling