Design for Diversity: Analysis

All too often, students from various cultures (both within a nation or from other nations) are receiving instruction that is developed and delivered by designers or trainers without sufficient awareness of critical cultural traits and their effects on the design or delivery.

Using models? Take a second look!

Recently a few colleagues and I had a short discussion on models covering human performance and on how to improve them. It was an interesting conversation and I decided to make some core ideas available here.We depend on models and we need them in teaching and in consulting.The tricky question is what does it mean … Continue reading Using models? Take a second look!

Circular Causality

CIrcular causality is haunting us everywhere. It is one of the main reasons why "soft" things are so hard to change. To understand the concept is not difficult, to see it happening in daily experience much more so. So let's just play with it for two minutes: Complete the following sentence: This sentence has ... … Continue reading Circular Causality

ID vs ISD vs LXD

Do we have loads of misinformation and hidden marketing ploys confusing the average learning professional today! Of course, we are dealing with the dilution of Instructional Design (ID) as a field, the lack of knowledge and practice of Instructional System Development (ISD), and the cool and popular concept of Learning Experience Design (LXD).

Do You Eat Your Own Dog Food?

“Dogfooding” is a concept from the product development community that refers to an organization using its own product to test it. This is a way of seeing how products work in real-world situations, developing empathy for the user experience, and working out bugs.

A Blog is a Blog is a Blog

I don’t think that Edith Stein would have written that nowadays. In addition, there are so many of them. Which ones to read? And as a blog writer: what to write about? Tricky questions with no good answers. Perhaps a different approach? One not wasting reader time with the 52nd repetition of things that already … Continue reading A Blog is a Blog is a Blog

“Everything You Do Is An Intervention”

Consulting is a platform for delivering services. It's not enough to be technically proficient. You need to be fluent in consulting skills.