Train as You Fight, Multi-domain / All Domain Warfare and high performance

For those wanting to follow Russia's attack on Ukraine closely, I recommend the Institute for the Study of War, which has continued to cover Russia’s offensive campaign, as well as plenty of analysis even prior to the war. Russia has been having a hard time achieving objectives and appears to have backed off of designs … Continue reading Train as You Fight, Multi-domain / All Domain Warfare and high performance

The Human Centered Problem Statement

In April 2021 I had the pleasure of watching the Service Design Show Episode 123 with special guest Tricia Wang from Sudden Compass. As she spoke about the challenges designers face in organizations, one of the topics that struck me was the idea of changing business questions to human questions. In my experience, we in … Continue reading The Human Centered Problem Statement

An Insight into Exemplary Performers

Remembrance from Thomas F. Gilbert and Marilyn B. Gilbert Photo by Pixabay on The 2021 college football season is over, and the University of Alabama had another stellar season. Love him or hate him, one can argue that Nick Saban is one of the best all-time college football coaches. Yet, before Saban, Alabama had … Continue reading An Insight into Exemplary Performers

Work Productivity for New Performance Technologists

Note: This blog was written especially for those new to the field. As performance technologists, we spend much of our time working to improve the performance of other people, but what about us? What do we do to make or keep our own work productivity top notch? There are many possible approaches we can take … Continue reading Work Productivity for New Performance Technologists

The [Performance Certification] Train has Left the Station…

If the performance certification train has left the station, why aren't more of us on board? How can we achieve no results yet take ourselves seriously as a profession?

Why Performance Analysis Matters – from a Veteran on Veterans Day

In this video I reflect on how some CD-ROMs containing Computer-Based Training (CBT) allowed us to stay at sea on a submarine during a sonar casualty. Well designed courseware depends on "sound" human performance analysis.