Difficult Conversations

Jeanne Hites Anderson Designing and implementing successful interventions in businesses or volunteer organizations sometimes involves fraught and stressful discussions. Have you ever sat in a meeting when someone takes issue with your recommendations? I would guess that most of us have had that experience at one time or another. How do we respond effectively without … Continue reading Difficult Conversations

The End of Boxes?

In 1735 Carl von Linné published his Systema Naturae where he introduced his idea that one could develop an inventory of plants, animals and minerals by sorting them into classifications. The basis for taxonomies saw the light of day. This was nearly 400 years ago and ever since we were busy to classify all kinds … Continue reading The End of Boxes?

“Everything You Do Is An Intervention”

Consulting is a platform for delivering services. It's not enough to be technically proficient. You need to be fluent in consulting skills.

What Did You Unlearn This Year?

Unlearning is a key component of learning. We need to move away from what we already know before adding something new, especially when we need to achieve transformative change.

Learning and Performance Improvement Professionals as First Responders

When organizations around the world shut down to defeat the spread of COVID-19, organizations turned to the teams who had the capacity to support remote workers and remote work. These professionals pivoted in many different ways to continue to support organizational performance. Some of the most visible activities included moving critical instructor-led training to virtual … Continue reading Learning and Performance Improvement Professionals as First Responders

Design Thinking and Performance Improvement

Copyright holder: Interaction Design Foundation. Copyright terms and license: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Design Thinking is getting a lot of attention in a variety of disciplines. What is the relationship between Design Thinking and Performance Improvement? It's a very appealing addition to our set of interdisciplinary tools. My attraction to the concept of design thinking is … Continue reading Design Thinking and Performance Improvement