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Systemic View of Enterprise

Understanding Behavior of Organizations

Behavioral Systems Analysis – Part 1

Behavioral Systems Analysis – Part 2

Behavioral Systems Analysis – Part 3

Behavioral Systems Analysis – Part 4

Behavioral Systems Analysis – Part 5

Behavioral Systems Analysis – Part 6

Behavioral Systems Analysis – Part 7

Behavioral Systems Analysis – Parts 1-7

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Performance Analysis: Knowing What to Do and How


Performance-Based Instruction: Linking Training to Business Results


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Dale in 2014

Dale in 2019

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D Brethower

Dale Brethower was the President of ISPI in 2000. John Swinney was President-elect and Guy Wallace was Treasurer.  Dale received the ISPI Honorary Life Member and the Tom Gilbert Professional Achievement Awards.  He is a founder of the OBM Network and a recipient of the network’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dale is a Professor Emeritus, Psychology, Western Michigan University.  His degrees are from Kansas (A.B. General Psychology,) Harvard (A.M. Experimental Psychology,) and Michigan (Ph.D. Behavioral Science.) He has been a visiting professor at Keio University in Japan and the Sonora Institute of Technology in Mexico.  He worked with Roger Kaufman, Geary Rummler, Mariano Bernardez, and Ingrid Guerra-Lopez in a doctoral program in which students started or expanded a business in Sonora.

He is proud to have been a member of an ad hoc group, the Tucson 7, along with Bob Carleton, Roger Kaufman, Danny Langdon, Claude (Butch) Lineberry, Geary Rummler (host), and Don Tosti.

Email: dale.brethower@wmich.edu

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