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Stewardship: Giving back with the printed word

Part of being an experienced HPT practitioner is stewardship: Giving back to other professionals so they can benefit from their insights into HPT-related research and from how they applied research to their practice.

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Blogs and Articles

The following are links to blogs where you can learn more about HPT research and practice.

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Carl Binder – has three websites:

Business Learning By Dan Topf:

J. Farrington Consulting: Blogs about performance, design, productivity, and motivation

3-Star learning experiences: Mirjam Neelen and Paul A. Kirschner write about Evidence Informed learning for learning professionals.

Dave’s Whiteboard: this whiteboard is where Dave Ferguson explores his interests, tweak ideas, and scribble hunches. Most of what’s here relates to training, learning, or performance improvement, though he always has time for a side trip.

Designed for Learning! A blog designed for learning and for sharing what I learn.
“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

Distance Consulting: Fred Nickols shares his wisdom with conveniently categorized blog posts.

Don Clark: Two sites with a focus on: thoughts on Instructional Design and performance by Big Dog & Little Dog – The Performance Juxtaposition Site, your window to learning, training, leadership, design and all matters related to improving human performance.

Donald Clark Plan B: Donald blogs about Learning and Technology.

The eLearning Coach: This is the website of Connie Malamed, a learning experience design consultant. Her graduate degree is in Instructional Design & Technology and as an undergrad she studied art education.

eLearning Industry: You can find several blogs including some written by Patti Shank.

E-Learning Provocateur: Ryan Tracey posts are intended to “provoke deeper thinking” in the e‑learning space and in L&D more generally.

EPPIC – Pursuing Performance: In addition to a wealth of his own resources, Guy W. Wallace shares videos and links from various online resources regarding Enterprise Process Performance Improvement

Filling the Pail: Greg Ashman, a teacher living and working in Australia, shares his love of educational research.

Gram Consulting: Tom Gram’s website’s blog on performance consulting.

Handshaw: Even after retirement, Dick Handshaw’s company continues to provide services and stewardship. They have a blog page and occasionally blog on other sites.

Paul Kirschner: an educational psychologist in The Netherlands who studies how people of all ages learn and how we can design, develop and implement instruction to help them do so in an effective, efficient and satisfying manner.

Learnlets: Clark Quinn shares his reflections on learning.

Myles Runham – A senior leader in digital and learning, shares some of the experience of navigating the waters of digital learning and explores related ideas and themes.

Mike Taylor: Every Friday Mike posts a weekly recap of the best articles, posts, and resources I find from the intersection of learning, design, and technology.

Patti Shank – Do What Works: Patti’s Thoughts about Training, Research, and Lunch.

Paul’s Random Thoughts / Gedachten: Good education – both teaching and learning – is based on science, not beliefs! 

Nyla Spooner: Learning Experience Designer. Mentor. Advocate.

Bill Wison: eLearning, Root Cause Analysis, Flim-Flam and Jibber-Jabber – a nuclear engineer with a Master’s degree from Mississippi State University. Worked at Argonne National Lab, Entergy Nuclear, River Bend Station, TransWare Enterprises, and Ontario Power Generation, in work related to Performance Improvement, including Root Cause Analysis, Trending, Human Performance, Operating Experience, Self Assessment in Engineering Training, Work Management, Equipment Reliability and Aging Management, Fire Protection Programs, and now eLearning and Instructional Design.

Work-Learning Research: You’ll find rich, evidenced-based posts and HPT myth-busting by Will Thalheimer.

Workplace Performance Consulting: Here are blogs written by Brett D. Christiansen.

News: Tower & Co. Blogs: Jessica Tower blogs about storytelling and related interests.

Gary A. DePaul, PhD (he/him/his): Gary DePaul publishes stories about HPT, leadership, entrepreneurship, and Human resources.

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