Reflections of an Old Guy

2021 is my 42nd year in ISD – Instructional Systems Design and PI – Performance Improvement, including but beyond Instruction. I think I’ve learned a lot over these past 4 decades, so much so, that I know that there is so much more that I don’t really know. In reflecting on all of this, I … Continue reading Reflections of an Old Guy

Five Episodes Added: Training Masters Series Videos

George Limin Gu (顾立民), Co-founder, Improvement Consulting (改进咨询), and his team have put together the Training Masters Videos. George Gu interviews talent development and HPT professionals to share insights into our field. We added the the next five interviews, and periodically, we will add more. So far, we have 25 posted. New videos Judy Hale … Continue reading Five Episodes Added: Training Masters Series Videos

Part 2: Equity

Equity... As a mother of four beautiful children, I am now painfully aware of the importance regarding equity. Previously, my focus was treating each child equally to ensure fairness. After a while, I realized that treating each child equally and providing them all with equal resources was not enough. How could that be? How is … Continue reading Part 2: Equity

Video: Captain Sully’s Minute-by-Minute Description of The Miracle On The Hudson

Instruction, Training, Learning Experiences most often cannot account for and address every varied situation. The higher the stakes (if Extreme) would have us offer much more varied sets of practice with feedback, to help practitioners discover and see patterns within those situations - and we'd even want to point them out in debriefing/reflections - and … Continue reading Video: Captain Sully’s Minute-by-Minute Description of The Miracle On The Hudson

Before Working Out Loud There Was…

RIP Randy James Carol Panza just informed several of us at ISPI of the passing of Randy James just last week. I knew Randy only barely. But I attended his sessions at the NSPI/ISPI conferences as he always had great stuff to share. Randy made many contributions to NSPI/ISPI back in the day. From the … Continue reading Before Working Out Loud There Was…

About Stories in Learning…

The science of learning and development is opening up promising lines of educational thinking and practice (Immordino-Yang, 2015). For adolescents in particular, emerging longitudinal research from Mary Helen's team at the University of Southern California is revealing that the changing connectivity among the brain's major networks across early to middle adolescence is predictive of success … Continue reading About Stories in Learning…

41 Years Later: Proactive or Reactive

Background 41 years ago, Don Tosti and Bob Carleton wrote a two-page document describing the proactive and reactive approaches to instructional design. You can tell that this article is old because they describe making transparencies as training deliverables and mention teaching machines and CB radios. Back then–and probably true today–talent-development departments within organizations tend to … Continue reading 41 Years Later: Proactive or Reactive