Does Diversity Training Work?

Jeanne Hites Anderson Diversity training began in the 1950s or even earlier in US corporations, but after all this time, we are still not where we should be in terms of equity and inclusion. Repeated incidents of racial, ethnic and gender discrimination and violence have led to many articles claiming that diversity training has failed. … Continue reading Does Diversity Training Work?

Writing the Perfect Hook

Image Credit: StockSnap Stolovitch & Keeps (2011), in Telling Ain’t Training, provide an extremely helpful, five-step model for creating lessons that works for just about any training program. One of the five essential steps is to provide a rationale, or a what’s in it for me, for the learners. Over the years, in reviewing hundreds … Continue reading Writing the Perfect Hook

Lessons from Super-forecasters

I recently found myself caught up in a podcast about predictions and how to become better at making them. Part of my fascination was simply that I enjoyed the content of the show. Part of it was that, to my surprise, I heard some great tips and techniques that spoke directly to my work in … Continue reading Lessons from Super-forecasters

Learning Myths & Millennials

So, should we do something different if we are designing training for people who are “millennials” or so-called “digital natives”? Do they learn differently than the generations that came before them? Brett Christensen offers a useful “small rant” on this topic. Brett’s blog post offers some examples that show why it’s dangerous to generalize too … Continue reading Learning Myths & Millennials