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HPT is the application of science to Performance Improvement. And in the words of the late Don Tosti, “All performance is a human endeavor.”

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What Is HPT?

First: “All Enterprise Performance is a Human Endeavor” – the late Don Tosti, PhD.
Note: HPT is also known as PI: Performance Improvement – and as HPI: Human Performance Improvement.

HPT – Human Performance Technology

Definition* of HPT – Human Performance Technology:

Human Performance Technology – An integrated systems approach to improving human performance.

Criteria to Judge Applications of HPT:

  1. Is focused on valuable, measured results;
  2. Considers the larger system context of people’s performance;
  3. Provides valid and reliable measures of the effectiveness of those applications
  4. Clearly describes applications grounded in prior research or empirical evidence (or are not discouraged by either one) so that they may be replicated under the conditions and by the means for which they were recommended**

**When stated this way, intuition and respected practice are permitted and encouraged (provided they meet the first three criteria) without scientific evidence provided that there is no research evidence that it may not work under the conditions or by the means where it is being recommended.

Our definition of human performance is: “those valued results produced by people working within a system.”


  1. A technology is a set of empirical and scientific principles and their application
  2. Human performance technology is the technology concerned with all variables which impact human performance
  3. All organizational processes and practices impact the production of valued results, whether positively or negatively and whether those results go measured or unmeasured, acknowledged or not. (Everything that an organization does affects what it accomplishes, whether or not the results are acknowledged or desirable.)
  4. The purpose of all organizations is the same: to create value for their stakeholders; this is accomplished by aligning all processes, practices, and resources to maximize the production of that value.
  5. We collaborate with and value the expertise of other disciplines; human performance technology becomes the integrator and multiplier.

*This definition of HPT was created by Jeanne Farrington and Richard E. Clark, during a multi-year ISPI Presidential Task Force to “Clarify HPT” that completed its initial work in 2004. For more on that effort, please go here.

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