A Dialog with Thomas Gilbert

From ATD

Thomas F. Gilbert has graciously suspended his pursuit of heavenly activities to start this dialog on performance, or “worthy performance” as he likes to call it.

Clark: First, I would like to thank you for being here. You coined the term, “The Great Cult of Behavior” — can you explain what you mean by it?

Gilbert: In the great cult of behavior, the appeal is to control or affect behavior in some way. There is little or no technology of ends and purposes. Indeed, behavior itself is viewed as an end rather than a means to an end. It sees its enemy as people, because it puts great store on how people behave regardless of what they actually accomplish. To be able to shape behavior is considered the highest virtue.

Clark: I believe you were once a member of this cult?

Gilbert: I confess that I was once devoted to classifying people by how they behave and making assumptions about their potential through various IQ, personality, and behavior predictor instuments. But as a reformed member of the behavior cult, I must now insist that the enemy is not the people. Thus, it must be exorcised absolutely.

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