RIP Robert F. Mager

Rest in Peace Bob Mager

June 10, 1923 – May 11, 2020

From Wikipedia…

Robert (Bob) Frank Mager (born June 10, 1923) is an American psychologist and author. Concerned with understanding and improving human performance, he is known for developing a framework for preparing learning objectives, and criterion referenced instruction (CRI), as well as addressing areas of goal orientation, student evaluation, student motivation, classroom environment, educational change, performance technology, and instructional design.

For more – please go here.


Video From 1999

Bob did the Perfect Banquet Speech at the 1999 ISPI Conference.

I begged Bob to allow me to post this video – which he did after I did a half-dozen or so edits and reviews with him. He was a perfectionist. And that was a good thing.

This video is 46:36 minutes in length…

Video From 2000

This is from Thiagi’s 99 Seconds Opening Session at the ISPI 2000 Conference.

This video is 56 seconds in length…

From Rex Conner – at The Mager Consortium

We are providing his autobiographical work, Life in the Pinball Machine at cost ($10 with shipping). And of course they have all of Bob’s other books as well.

Go to their website to learn more: 4


Our condolences to Eileen Mager and all of the family and friends of Bob Mager.

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