“Jump” Past ADDIE with LeaPs

In my last post, I talked about teaching HPI to college graduate students with Dr. Vicki Stieha of the department of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) at Boise State University (BSU).

This time around, I thought it would be interesting to talk with two other BSU OPWL professors, Dr. Lisa Giacumo and Dr. Steve Villachica, about LeaPs, which is OPWL’s self-created instructional design model.
We’ll talk about what ADDIE is and isn’t, and we’ll touch on what a model is. We’ll get into the “performance” focus of LeaPs (which is why we’re discussing it here at the HPT Treasures blog), and we’ll talk about things like context, project management, iterations, design thinking, empathy, formative evaluation, heuristics, and of course offer some encouragement to people just getting into instructional design. 
The recording of our discussion is immediately below. And there are some useful links below the video and an image of the LeaPs ID model below that as well. Enjoy and thanks to Drs. G & V! 

Additional links:

The Boise State University Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning Website

Steve Villachica’s LinkedIn page

Lisa Giacumo’s LinkedIn page

ADDIE Is NOT an Instructional Design Model? Now What? by Alexander Salas

The Stanford D School’s materials on Design Thinking

Design Thinking for Learning Innovation by Arun Pradhan (on LinkedIn)

The Project Management Institute

The Agile Manifesto by the Agile Alliance

In Search of the Elusive ADDIE Model by Michael Molenda (originally published in Performance Improvement, 2013

The “Wiki” entry for the Medici Family, sponsors supreme

Two earlier recorded discussions I had with Dr. Will Thalheimer: Common Evaluation Models and the LTEM Evaluation Model (these also include some interesting comments/insights on the issue of models)

Organizational Intelligence: A Guide to Understanding the Business of Your Organization for HR, Training, and Performance Consulting by Ken Silber & Lynn Kearney

International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)

Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT)

Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Society for Technical Communications (STC)

Learning Development Accelerator

Some of the MANY excellent Evidence-Based Training Researchers & Practitioners out there

My earlier recorded discussion with Guy Wallace about his own experiences in HPI

And below we’ve include an image of the LeaPs model (thanks to BSU OPWL for this!).

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